Follow your heart

I know, many people says that, but seriously consider it. You don’t always have the opportunity, but when you do, you should.

When I was at the age of choosing a career, I was offered by my parents to go and study art. This was the pre-internet era (or more like at the birth of the internet). At that time the only thing I heard about being an artist was the “starving artist” concept. I was warned that my parents will feed me until I die and I will not have a proper job or income ever.

I got scared, I was a teenager, and I said okay, let’s choose another option. I went to study science. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely in love with my field. Just.. it didn’t get me a job I thought it will. It did not give me a job at all. Nor money.

But art did. In a way.

I kept art as a hobby after the career choice of abandoning it to be a professional. I crafted accessories, dresses, jewelry, I paint and design sometimes as commissions. I did not make me rich or anything, but I made a good pocket money from it through university.

And it always makes me wonder, how my life would be different, if I have had chose art instead.


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