New start

Well, let’s try this.

This supposed to be like a life example-don’t make the same mistakes, I did kind of blog. The title is a bit misleading, there are no balls, no princes, no happy ending. The Cinderella part refers to the “used by others due to your naivety”. Because this is how it is – or at least for me.

I have an absolute trust in others, that I did not hurt them, why should they kind of way, and that usually ends with the used and thrown out version. I am an oversharer, naive, honest – most of the times brutally, so I hurt people around me unintentionally.

So, I make loads of mistakes. Relationship-wise and career-wise. But I am crazy good at advice for others. I’ve always been.

So, I think I will write about different events, happened with me, where did it went wrong. So maybe, someone will not make the same mistake. I hope.

Because choices we make affects our life and our future and if you do how I did and still do, you will have a bad time, I guarantee.


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