What have I gotten myself into

So, …. I recently had some changes in my life, this is one of the reasons I started this blog.
Basically, I lost my job last week.

Approximately half year ago my area manager got the information that I volunteer in my free time. She spread the word and then came half a year of hell for me with constant bully about it. I got my administrator rights removed, I got locked out of conference meetings. I have been excluded from any further promotion.

Unfortunately my company was careful enough to have everything only in verbal form, so I have no proof just my words.

Then due to this bullying, I decided that I can no longer hold my position as it gives me a lot of anxiety. My company’s response to that was, well, you either keep the position or we don’t need you. Since I told them I cannot keep the position due to health problems, they said I have two options then, either quit or they fire me. On the papers it is written that they cannot employ me in any other position, but my original one.

So that is how I ended up unemployed.

Advice from all of this?

  1. Keep your mouth shut. There will be always at least one person at your workplace who wants to use everything you say against you.
  2. Every single time you talk with someone above you, it has to be either in a written form or record it.

Don’t end up where I did.

Years of hard work and volunteering just to be an unemployed immigrant facing the consequences of Brexit. Yes, I live in the UK.


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