Nobody talks about it

The last post wasn’t a happy one, or more like, the beginning wasn’t too happy. Well, no one said this is going to be a happy blog. This is about my experiences and life-mistake, so what to expect after this explanation.

I wanted to write about something else today. Not necessarily what I experienced, but more like what others. I am still on the brighter side of the spectrum.

So, what everybody talks about, how bad the situation is outside Europe. People’s life, poverty.

What nobody talks about is the industrialized modern slavery what happens in Europe. Because this is an ugly word and our clean and civilized society, no such thing exist, how dare you.

Well, try to digest the harsh truth, yes, there is a form of slavery in Europe. Especially in England.

This is not the type of slavery, you see in the movies. Or documentaries of other countries outside Europe. This is lurking in the dark.

When I moved here, I started to work in hospitality, in a coffee shop. (As basically every single foreigner, especially from other countries of Europe, because you get no help, you are not running away from a war, you are running away from poverty and that is your problem, now is it). I was earning £6.31 at the time. 40 hours a week, because I am not physically built to work more. (Still, sometimes I worked 45-50 hours, all bandaged up, because my joints couldn’t take it.). So that is approx £1000 per month. Since I couldn’t work a lot and I was trying to get experience in my field, I volunteered, that was reduced to approx £750 per month. From that, £400 was the rent. £15 the phone, £130 the travel. So usually I was left with £200 for a month of everything, food, hygiene products, clothing.

I was treated like a dirt. People were constantly shouted at me for no reason, we were not allowed to drink, to eat, to sit down, toilet only 1-2 during the 8-9 hours shift, and not longer than 2-3 minutes. Including your journey to the toilet and back. If you were on toilet break for more than 5 minutes, you got into trouble, something investigation against you. We were taking turns crying in the changing room.

Sometimes I had no time or mostly money for food. I lost weight. We all did.

And I was still on the bright side.

I know people, clinical psychologists, biochemists, all working like this. Some of them works 60-70 hours per week, every single day without a day off for weeks.

I know people working for less than the minimum wage.

People who are working as black workers, working for cash, with no benefits or healthcare on anything.

I have never had sick pay. For 4 years I am working without a single sick pay. On a zero hour contract. Without pension.

If you are sick, you either come to work sick or you don’t and you won’t eat next month. So you work. We were all working sick.

We were all working during the winter in an open area in shirts, because we were not allowed to dress up warmer. We were breaking cups and plates and dropped milk jugs because we did not feel our hands.

We had 2nd degree burns all over. I had concussions multiple times due to poor engineering work in the shop. We got no compensation. I was working with a concussion because my shift was not over.

And trust me, there are people working in much worse conditions.

And let’s not mention the living conditions in London.

Do you think this is not slavery? Yes, technically it isn’t. Since they have a choice. They have a choice to be unemployed, starve and be homeless.

And I don’t say, do something, because the social justice warriors are blind to see this. I just ask you to think, before you start shouting at people because they don’t work as fast as you think they should. Maybe they are there working for 13 hours in a row. Like I did sometimes. Started at 6am, finished at 7pm and had 30 minutes break to eat.

Consider us humans, because your behaviour puts is into the slavery position.


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