Course 3: Fundamentals of Music Theory

Fundamentals of Music Theory by The University of Edinburgh

More info about the course > here <


I basically started this at the same time with the other two.

I liked that they literally start from the very easy, baby steps and then build up the whole theory. They offer a lot of extra website to practice what has been taught on the lecture videos. You can test your skills, and on the websites you can change the difficulty, so it helps you develop your skills.

I originally wanted to do this course, because I learnt how to play a piano, but never the theory. And I was like, yeah, it must be helpful learning these skills like how music is built up.

Literally the first thing they said in the first video was that this course might not help you to be a better musician, maybe it will even mix you up.

Good thing, it didn’t.

It was a very nice exercise, I have learnt a lot about music, how music is created and written down, so eventually it was a good experience. As that was the first time actually learning music theory and applying it to practice, I had some difficulties with the quizzes and it was specifically hard for me the last assignment, but I passed and I was so happy about it and extremely proud.

Recommend: 4/5
Lectures: 5/5
Audience: 5/5

I gave 4 for the recommendation, because if you are not really passionate about it, you are going to give up the quizzes after a couple of weeks.
But in general, I can fully recommend the course.


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