Course 4: Introduction to Forensic Science

Introduction to Forensic Science by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


More info about the course > click here <

This is one of those courses that I cannot say how hard or easy is to do it without the needed background. As I have a biochemistry/genetics/bit of forensics background, for me it wasn’t too challenging. The techniques he used and explained, was something I have experience using it. Not with human samples, but the technique and the machine and the result analysis is the same.

I absolutely loved the case studies though. I actually ended up downloading the videos in the app and listening to it as a background noise while I was working.
He is a real nice teacher, it is quite enjoyable to listen to his description and stories.

I personally enjoyed the assignments.

It requires patience though, as the course is 8 weeks long and it has a lot of videos to watch. You also need some time to work out all the clues and write proper reports to the assignments.

I did not experiences glitches and problems, like with the anthropology course, so generally it was a really pleasant and nice experience.

The course also has a Facebook page actually maintained by the course teacher, which is unusual and surprising, and he regularly posts about new techniques in forensics and interesting cases. That is an absolutely new experience for me after doing all these coursera courses, where most of the times the whole course is abandoned by the course teachers completely.

Recommend: 5/5
Lectures: 5/5 (I would give 10 from 5, but nah)
Audience: 5/5


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