Hi Everyone!

My name is, … depends on what internet site we are on, usually I go by Lin and let’s settle with that for now.

Currently residing in the UK, and as a EU citizen, that makes my life a lot harder these days.

I have BSc from Horticulture, MSc from Biotechnology. My specialization is genetics, tissue culture and RNA extraction and analysis.
I have experience in Herbarium Curating, teaching and laboratory research.
I am taking various courses from Forensics Sciences, Biology, Physics, Anthropology and many others (Like Music Theory or History). I speak 3 languages, and know the basics from like 3 more, but learning languages is really hard for me. 😦

I am a self-appointed polymath, I also have various hobbies, like painting, drawing, designing tattoos, crafting hair accessories, jewelry, making clothes, embroidery, playing on instruments, so basically anything you can imagine.

And on this site, you will hear my advice, and my sort of life story-experiences. Mostly because I am socially horrible with zero empathy, so I make a lot of mistakes in our social-interactions driven world.