Course 4: Introduction to Forensic Science

Introduction to Forensic Science by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


More info about the course > click here <

This is one of those courses that I cannot say how hard or easy is to do it without the needed background. As I have a biochemistry/genetics/bit of forensics background, for me it wasn’t too challenging. The techniques he used and explained, was something I have experience using it. Not with human samples, but the technique and the machine and the result analysis is the same.

I absolutely loved the case studies though. I actually ended up downloading the videos in the app and listening to it as a background noise while I was working.
He is a real nice teacher, it is quite enjoyable to listen to his description and stories.

I personally enjoyed the assignments.

It requires patience though, as the course is 8 weeks long and it has a lot of videos to watch. You also need some time to work out all the clues and write proper reports to the assignments.

I did not experiences glitches and problems, like with the anthropology course, so generally it was a really pleasant and nice experience.

The course also has a Facebook page actually maintained by the course teacher, which is unusual and surprising, and he regularly posts about new techniques in forensics and interesting cases. That is an absolutely new experience for me after doing all these coursera courses, where most of the times the whole course is abandoned by the course teachers completely.

Recommend: 5/5
Lectures: 5/5 (I would give 10 from 5, but nah)
Audience: 5/5

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Finding myself


Lately I have been doing the what am I want from my life game.
I always envied those, who could find their passion at an early age and devote to it and done. I could never do that. In high school, I was taking up different extra courses basically every two weeks. I found impossible to choose at age 16 what I want to spend the rest of my life with.

And I ended up at university specializing in that one subject I always slept through during high school – chemistry.

And here we are at age 29, with working in retail, cause I am an absolute what am I want to do with my life. Probably that is not helpful in the job hunt. Once someone told me, that having too many interests is helpful.

Definitely not. It is the state where you want to do everything, you divide yourself, you know a little of everything, but specially good at nothing.

So what am I doing lately, is basically devoting a blog or a page to each of my interest and trying to figure out which one is the one I don’t get bored of or after a while I spend more time with it than the others.

I have literally no other ideas how to work out this problem, so I will try this one.

So, if you would like to follow the process:
My art: DeviantArt / Patreon (where you can financially support me a little :))/ Facebook

My blog about science, mostly Botany >> click here <<

My blog about bits of history, fashion >> click here <<

Let’s see, which will last. Or maybe I find a combination of all


Course 3: Fundamentals of Music Theory

Fundamentals of Music Theory by The University of Edinburgh

More info about the course > here <


I basically started this at the same time with the other two.

I liked that they literally start from the very easy, baby steps and then build up the whole theory. They offer a lot of extra website to practice what has been taught on the lecture videos. You can test your skills, and on the websites you can change the difficulty, so it helps you develop your skills.

I originally wanted to do this course, because I learnt how to play a piano, but never the theory. And I was like, yeah, it must be helpful learning these skills like how music is built up.

Literally the first thing they said in the first video was that this course might not help you to be a better musician, maybe it will even mix you up.

Good thing, it didn’t.

It was a very nice exercise, I have learnt a lot about music, how music is created and written down, so eventually it was a good experience. As that was the first time actually learning music theory and applying it to practice, I had some difficulties with the quizzes and it was specifically hard for me the last assignment, but I passed and I was so happy about it and extremely proud.

Recommend: 4/5
Lectures: 5/5
Audience: 5/5

I gave 4 for the recommendation, because if you are not really passionate about it, you are going to give up the quizzes after a couple of weeks.
But in general, I can fully recommend the course.

Job hunt


I was actually thinking to put a counter on the blog. One personal and one professional, just to update how many times I get rejected before I die.


I’ve got like a job search adviser, who changed my CV to put my skills and achievements first to highlight it.

That has lead me to the fastest application rejection ever. Hold on, let me check how long it took them to reject me….

*a minute later*

I have sent the application at 16:17 and I got the rejection at 10:17 the next day (!). That gives us exactly 16 hours to reject my application. And I perfectly matched the criteria.

The other one I got rejected was a job where they did NOT require previous experience, only the skillset, because they provide training.

The reasons was: “we are looking for a more experienced person.”



Course 2: Osteoarchaeology: The Truth in Our Bones

And let’s have another post today, because why the hell not. With a ¬†course review.

Osteoarchaeology: The Truth in Our Bones by Universiteit Leiden


This course was also on coursera.org

To be fair, almost all of my courses are from that site, mainly because I did not want to register on too many sites at the same time. But lately I have realized, that they are certain type of courses which are missing. And also, the lack of lecturer support on coursera is alarming.

About the course: you can get some information about the course itself by clicking here.

First, I must say, I absolutely loved it. It opens so many questions, and as I was a great fan of the Bones series, it was kind of obvious that I am going to take that course.

The structure of the course is very good, starts off with basics and builds it up into more complex. It also gives a lot of extra material for each week with a list of professional words used in the videos and sometimes extra links.

For this course I can say, even the audience was amazing. To complete every week, you had to submit an assignment, which was fun and interesting and the audience, fellow students were quite helpful. Everyone was trying their best to their knowledge and abilities and I think we graded each other quite fairly. I got less points on parts were I knew I was weaker, and got appreciated where I was stronger.

The main problem was the lack of support in the course. There was a lot of open questions, which was not clear, for certain questions, I had to use google a lot to fill in the gaps. Also one of the assignment material was faulty. When they converted it from .doc to .pdf, the pictures moved and therefore you could not answer at least 2 question due to the fact that you could not see the trait on the photos attached. It was quite disturbing.

Recommend: 4,5/5
Lectures: 4/5
Audience: 5/5

In general, that was one of my favourite course from all I took on coursera. I definitely recommend if someone is interested in osteoarcheology.

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Why am I not working in my field?

Which is life science, more specifically, plant genetics, cell culture, etc.

The reason why, because the only thing I ever experienced from the science community was utter and absolute rejection.

And I am bloody serious. 4 years passed now since my graduation and I have never had a single job interview. Sometimes I get the “your application has been unsuccessful”, but mostly nothing. Time just passes.

I try to keep up my knowledge by reading, writing and taking extra courses online. But lately I had less and less passion for it. Like, what is the point? No one ever gave me an opportunity to prove myself.

Sometimes I feel like, I just give up.

But then what’s left. I only have qualifications in science. I was prepared for years to be a researcher. Which did not happen.

And now I have nothing just the knowledge in my head.

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Our society

Well, we had a conversation in my house and at work… and with friends… lining up all the things what pretty much sucks now…. I mean, hard work always existed and the hunger for money, but these days are pretty much nothing else, just money.

You can never satisfy anyone.

And let’s face it, Brits have waaaay to much time and they can allow themselves way to many things. Like arguing with an employe in a stationary store for losing like 50p from a voucher…. 50P !!!!!!!! IN A STATIONARY STORE. You honestly don’t have anything more important to do?

And I can guarantee you, the answer will be no.

And 90% of the time, if you have a problematic customer, they will be middle-aged white English woman. No, I am not being racist, I have years of experience on the topics. Always these woman (and woman in general) who wants to express their frustration and release their anger on a person who is like…. just working there to make their living.

Whatever, sort of got used to them. But seriously thinking about moving out of the UK, especially London. It stinks. Not literally.

Basically you are constantly threatened by “company policy” and your bosses that you are going to loose your job. You are enduring harassment, life threatening situations (I am not even joking about that), bullying by the management, discrimination. And what can you do? NOTHING.

And you probably tell the person who says these “mate, just quit and go somewhere else”. Let me tell you something, all companies are like that. From the head to down, everyone gets the pressure from above, to be scared and live in fear all the time and loose your job and you are gonna be homeless and DIE and family will DIE too.

Yes, because unlike the lucky ones, some of us can’t just live off not working. Like, we don’t have secret stash of money hidden on 6 other bank account. We actually work to pay the bills.

And before you start the “you should have studied” kinda bullshit, I have 3 university qualifications, 2 of them in science and I graduated with merit from all of them. And I am still here, working in retail, ’cause my family doesn’t have contacts and money.

Which is basically the only important thing these days, nothing else matters. Everyone is running after money and killing themselves with stress. Welcome to 2017, human society.